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Welcome to the Party Pal Die Hard image by Vermillion Films video production company based in Birmingham

Welcome to the party, pal!*

Hello and welcome to our lovely new website.

We were looking for a better way to talk about what we do and how we’ve helped our clients do what they do. 2019 was a pretty impressive year for us so far. We grew the Birmingham team and are currently seeking to add another as well (more on that elsewhere). We’ve also moved offices recently and we’re currently giving some love to a wonderful grade II listed building which we thought was originally a Victorian women’s prison but by doing some actual research we’ve found out it wasn’t. Though that would have explained why the main courtyard is so scary at about midnight.

With all of this in mind, we wanted a new online home for our video production company, showcasing our video work and writing video and film-related articles in a video blog, so here it is.

We’d love to hear your thoughts.


Team V.

*obviously, that’s from Die Hard and it will please the younger members of my team no end that I’m using 30 year old movie references for the new site, but let’s be honest, a classic is a classic.


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