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Vermillion Films is uniquely well-positioned to provide branded video content and creative services to the defence and security industries. As well as being run by a British Army veteran Lee Kemp, with operational experience that includes Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, the company has created content for a number of defence-related organisations. These include the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), the British Army, the United States Department of Defence and the US Army’s Special Operations Command Africa.
Commercial video contracts have been completed for New Century*, Jaguar Land Rover, Facewatch and arx Partners.
Examples of our work in this field include training videos for special forces to be used as an aide-mémoire after the training was delivered, animated explainer videos for software products aimed at reducing physical security risks at a range of global sites and promotional films for highly specialised covertly armoured vehicles for the civilian close protection industry.

Fun fact

*New Century was run by former SAS Officer Tim Collins, famous for his eve of battle speech in Iraq in 2003 and later portrayed by Kenneth Branagh in the TV drama Ten Days to War.
A copy of the speech was framed and hung on the wall of George W. Bush’s Oval Office.
Defence industry videos image features Kenneth Branagh in british army desert camouflage playing colonel Time Collins in the tv show ten days to war. This is alongside an image of Tim himself.



We’re obviously passionate about doing great creative work but we’re always at our best when we have bold clients that want that rare beast, boundary pushing creative that still fits the brand.

If you think your brand or business may benefit from some of our defence and security industry expertise then get in touch.

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