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Production of videos for the education sector, that speak to students authentically and without condescension, can be pretty hard to achieve. They’re a highly video literate demographic making consequential life choices at a stressful point in their lives. No-one likes being spoken down to, least of all people just setting out in the world.
“.All of the videos Vermillion Films produce receive excellent feedback. One video, launched in January, has over 1,000,000 100% video views, people are watching it from start to end. Generally speaking, we see high engagement rates, which speaks volumes to the concept and audience interacting with it. We’re consistently impressed with Vermillion Film’s ability to take our concepts and bring them to life”.
Vermillion Education Client

successful student videos

Fortunately, we’ve been creating video content for the education sector for years now. And it’s not just university students our video production work has been aimed at. Our experience here is particularly wide-ranging, from video for startups innovating in early years childcare, to teacher training TV advertisements with over 3M views, to a range of creative films for universities and student-focused companies.
We’ve worked on a number of student recruitment campaigns with excellent, verified results.


They listened to who we are and understood the message we wanted to get across. That was quite important. We had a clear view of what we wanted, and they knew that. The results were authentic, and I think that’s why the project was so well-received.
Birmingham City University


We’re obviously passionate about doing great creative work but we’re always at our best when we have bold clients that want that rare beast, boundary pushing creative that still fits the brand.

If you think your institution or brand may benefit from some of our education expertise then get in touch.

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