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What is a content retainer?

We found that many organisations, companies and particularly advertising and marketing agencies had either a continuous need to create branded content for their channels, or they didn’t have the time, headspace or skills to shout about their own work. 

So we developed a unique and flexible model for companies, organisations and particularly agencies to feed their voraciously hungry content channels with regular content and to shout about their amazing work.
Video content created by professionals is often seen as incredibly expensive. It doesn’t have to be. Our retained content model fixes all of these problems at an incredibly reasonable price.

Retained content model

We found clients were consistently in need of high-quality, flexible branded video production on an ongoing basis. But they didn’t have the skills, bandwidth or headspace to do it internally.

But the idea of coming up with ideas, costing jobs, and finding the space was too high a barrier to get over. So we came up with a way of getting over all of these hurdles.


As well as being, fast, flexible and inexpensive, it’s incredibly versatile. Content channels have annoyingly diverse requirements such as different aspect ratios. Do you need or want subtitles?
We created the case study video shown above in a bunch of different formats and lengths to satisfy all of these requirements. 
Content Retainer Case Study showing content can be created from a single continuous content package from Vermillion Films Video Production Birmingham


Our continuous content package is a perfect way to create quick case studies, ongoing content, customer updates, internal comms or a range of other videos that are needed quickly at a very reasonable cost.

If you think your brand may benefit from one of our continuous content packages then get in touch.

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