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7 reasons why animation is the answer

Animated Video Production by Vermillion Films in Birmingham
The key to our animation expertise is not our experience in animated video production itself or the amazing explainer videos we have produced. Really, it’s those same general principles that keep clients coming back to us for all of our films. Animation is simply another tool in the box that we can use if it’s appropriate for the brief.
Our experience ranges from simple motion graphics films for customers screens for Cross Country Trains to keep customers informed during the Covid-19 crisis, through to fully 3D animated training films for the US Department of Defence and animated infographics for public sector reports for the Energy Technologies Institute.

Animated Video PRODUCTION

There are a number of scenarios where an animation video can be a more appropriate approach than live action.


It can be cheaper. The key cost factor for most live-action film production is complexity. This is driven by the size of the crew, number of shooting days required, number of locations. As you can see from the list below, animated video can overcome any and all of these issues.


This is the use case we come across most often where animated explainer video production is the best tool for the job. In some cases it can even be the only option. We’ve used animation to explain the energy system in the UK, software to overcome customs and export issues and chemical upgrades to tractor fuel.


When the Coronavirus crisis first began Cross Country Trains needed a way to communicate with their customers, en masse, about a rapidly changing situation. We were turning around animated motion graphics messaging for TV screens in stations in as little as two hours.


Sometimes a message relies on getting individuals to put forward their perspective in a natural and engaging manner. Yet pointing a camera at a lot of people makes them sound like their talking to a police officer. Alternatively you could use a script and an autocue but this is not a skill everyone has.  Animation overcomes these issues and gives you absolute control over the message and how it is delivered.


One of our clients, ARL Partners, has developed a range of products for high security installations such as nuclear facilities or border control posts. Filming in these locations is difficult and restricted. Any location and any environment is possible with animation.


People are one of the most complex elements of any live action film to control. Actors can be a costly resource and if a film requires a large number of roles of them the costs can escalate quickly. If corporate comms require staff on camera then it can be tricky to get everyone required at the right time and the right place. Furthermore, representation matters and it’s often necessary to represent across a range of criteria such as ethnicity, gender or disability. This can increase the cost and complexity of getting the actors or people required.
Animation can be an excellent, cost-effective workaround for this.
It is good and common practice for live action videos to feature as much of an organisation’s branding as possible. Logos at the beginning and end and lower thirds with names and titles are easy enough to change. But if your branding is being updated then it’s easy to render many existing videos obsolete.
With animation all assets can be easily updated.


Animation is an effective and cost-effective approach to a range of communications problems. We’ve been creating animations for our clients, across a range of subjects for years now.

If you think we could help, we’d love to hear from you.



“Vermillion have become a valued supplier to the ETI Communications team. Their ability to turn around quality work, quickly and efficiently is a real asset. They have proved themselves able to take highly technical content and assist in making it accessible to a wider audience. They have a good mix of technical and creative skills and are able to understand and interpret complex scripts resulting in imaginative visuals consistent with our brand. Vermillion have become an important extension of our Communications team and we would happily recommend them.”

Sarah Shaw, Senior Brand Manager, ETI

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