The pandemic was an opportunity for us to demonstrate our ability to be responsive and creative. We’ve always taken great pride in being able to turn around projects absurdly quickly, even when it’s not crisis comms.

Our preparation for the logistics of continuing to work during Coronavirus were fairly thorough and the switch was seamless. And as we’re fairly systems driven it was straightforward to determine how many days of work each person had left and make informed decisions on when to furlough staff if necessary. But ensuring we were able to work was only half the problem.

We also had to ensure that we had work to do.

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"The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings."

– Okakura Kakuzō

What to do?

At heart we are a comms company so we started thinking about what work we could generate under our lock down. So we asked ourselves the following questions:

1. What would our clients would most likely need us for?
2. Which projects could we realistically execute  while shoots were difficult?
 3. Were there circumstances under which we could shoot?
4. What planned shoots could transition to animation?
Then we started pitching like crazy to our clients and our prospects.

Crisis comms - large corporate

This first, fast turnaround project, was for AGCO. One of our biggest and longest standing clients asked us to create a message of support and reassurance for their end customer – farmers. By accessing our thorough and extensive archive of AGCO footage and topping that up with stock footage we were able to create a short, meaningful film. This was then recreated for the two other manufacturing brands that AGCO supports and localised into 11 European languages. We’ve been working with AGCO for years on such projects as this animated explainer video and this promo for adblue

how fast is fast?

Is two hours ok? CrossCountry were not yet a client when this started. However they asked us if we could animate some motion graphics for them and how fast we could do it? We were provided with layered .eps files and returned the first animation in under 2 hours.
This has led to a range of work with CrossCountry. Including further animations, a filmed message from MD Tom Joyner and a montage of clips clapping for carers. The work has been a mix of facilitating of existing ideas and adding creative contributions to the mix.

Getting creative

Finally, Cotswolds Distillery are a completely new client for us. 
We were approached by Cotswolds Distillery, a brand that had done very little video previously, to create some online ads that could be shot during lockdown. Therefore they needed us to create something that would not only work within these difficult times but would also be a reflection of them. But it also important to create something that was a little light-hearted.
We got the go ahead on the Wednesday, shot on the Thursday, post on the Friday and released the first film on the Saturday. As a result of CV-19, the films were shot with a crew of 2, just a camera operator and the director in PPE. We’re immensely proud of these and you can find further details on this project here.

We'd love to help

As you can see from the above we’ve been able to use our experience and creativity to respond to a range of different challenges. All of these were turned around incredibly quickly.  So, if  you think we could help then please get in touch below or give us a call.

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