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Corporate video production for financial services by Vermillion Films Video Production Birmingham

Tandem Financial Corporate Video

Tandem financial

Corporate Video for Financial Services


Independent Financial Advisory firm Tandem Financial have a wonderfully strong understanding of the brand and its value. As part of their brand refresh led by their Creative Advisor, we were asked to produce a film that really captures the incredibly high regard that the firm is held in by its clients.  Crucially though, we were asked to make a film that was indelibly Tandem. Making lively and engaging corporate video is harder than it looks and we’ve written about it previously.

filming equipment around 3 people sitting on a sofa with Vermillion Films Video Production Company in Birmingham


The team at Vermillion Films spent a long time working with the Tandem team to ensure we would be able to really capture the essence of what being a Tandem client is about. The clients were all easy to work with and had no shortage of compliments about the Tandem’s Principle, Paul Cleworth, his team and the overall service. We used a dual camera setup to capture a few different angles, to add some movement into the shots to make them visually engaging and also to capture some lovely off-camera moments too. 

The film was shot on location at Tandem’s offices in a beautiful and recently redeveloped barn location in Hitchin, about 40 miles North of London. Paul had clearly read our guide to choosing a location for your corporate videoAs well as the main film that features on Tandem’s website we were able to provide 3 full case study films.

Cathedral in Milan through a narrow alley on a beautiful day. Engaging video by Vermillion Films Video Production Company in Birmingham


“They had excellent knowledge and were pushing the boundaries to get the best result. Thinking outside the box and asking thought provoking questions of my clients, my team and myself”.

Paul Cleworth – Managing Director, Tandem Financial

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