London Pride

Comedy Sport Videos

The Brief

What better than a bunch of comedy sport videos to promote your sponsorship of the London Marathon? Especially when you’re the Official Beer Sponsor. The problem is most marathon runners have probably cut down their alcohol intake while they train. Here’s how we fixed that problem.

Marketing agency Ignis approached us with the concepts. Drawing on both our comedy and our sport experience we produced these 6 lovely little promos with them for Fuller’s.

The Approach

As usual the first task was to comb through the scripts to look for glaringly expensive shots that were one hit wonders. The first draft of the script and the storyboards is usually for the funny, not the budget. By the time you get to planning production then there’s often some savings to be made. If a gag takes place in a stadium with 10,000 fans and would be just as funny somewhere easier and cheaper then there’s no point maxing out the budget.

Once we’d agreed the way ahead we planned and shot the whole thing in about 3 weeks from first call to first edit. We had a really great comedy director, a DoP who had a film on the homepage of Netflix that week and a rock solid plan.

We produced 6 of these altogether. We’ve included our 3 favourites here.

You can see the campaign results below but also check out our FleetMilne comedy viral video here.

The Result

We, Ignis and Fuller’s were delighted with results. As well as being a great execution of lovely ideas, the results speak for themselves.

Total social views: 851,173

Cost per view: £0.02

Post reactions: 1,221

Total Social Engagements: 5,967

Not bad for 6 little comedy sport videos.

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