Boost your start-up company with a video

Why should you entrust an award-winning team of seasoned, creative, passionate filmmakers with the video of your start-up or scale-up company?


You’re doing something great for yourself and for people around you. You are competing with other people like you. You are working hard to win a market quota.

You want partners and investors to believe in your idea. You want to show what your business is capable of and how proud you are.

A professionally produced start-up video is the best way to enhance your go-to market strategy, because it tells your story the way your target audience wants to hear it.

Great startup videos can go viral very quickly, raising a lot of awareness around your company. All you need is a group of filmmakers who know how to create a video that people will want to forward after they’ve watched it.

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We’ve been doing this for years, helping start-ups to enhance their growth with great startup videos in various business niches. We’ve mentored tech accelerators and helped scale-ups to secure investments simply with our videos.

Experience means we can find your target audience with accuracy and craft a startup video that hits all the key points that matter to them.

We know you have a lot of ideas in your mind and it’s not always easy to organise them, but with our experience, we can help you convey the right branded video message to the right people.

Keeping it simple is the way!

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Finding product/market fit, recruitment and building your customer base are the pillars of your start-up company, but they eat the majority of your budget. Scale-ups, on the other hand, usually have more marketing budget, but they need to see results quickly and they don’t have the same needs as start-ups. Whether you are on a tight budget or have spending limits we always have the right solution.


There is a difference between presenting your business and presenting it creatively.

While reading this page, you surely have expectations on what your startup video needs to achieve. You have an idea. It’s crystal clear in your mind and you know exactly what needs to be said but you’re struggling to visualise it in a video?

We have all the knowledge and expertise to script your needs in a video that’ll help you achieve your business goals.

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