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top 20 sport videos

Top 20 Sport Videos

We put together our top 20 sport videos. A fellow producer looking for references when he was pitching for some work and he knows we’ve been doing sport videos since the very beginning of Vermillion.  We’ve got a Pinterest board with tons of our favourites on. In scrolling through we thought it would be nice to share our top 5. Then we couldn’t decide. So 5 became 10. Obviously 10 then became 20.  Then we got told if we didn’t go home we’d be in trouble. So 20 you’ve got. But if you need references or inspiration for great sport videos then this might be a good place to start.

We haven’t gone for most popular, most views or most famous. These are just our favourites. But as they’ve racked up 388,876,027 views between them (as of writing this) so we aren’t the only ones who think these ones are good.

So, this is no more scientific than just being the stuff that we like. And this top 20 sport videos is just in the order that we like it.

Each to their own, but this is ours.


But we’re certain there will be things in here you haven’t seen (in particular Sandman at #6).


20. The Haka seems to be the very soul of New Zealand’s rugby and the nation’s devotion to the game. The way it’s interweaved into this makes it stand out from a lot of other content. Plus it’s a rare occurrence that the sports star is a better actor than the actors.

19. This one is just all about the voiceover. We’ve seen the VO ripped and put against other montages but the original is still the best.

18. Arian Foster is a former NFL running back for the Houston Texans. After retiring in 2016 he became a musician. This film is set against a poem of his. And it’s about the adversity and pain athletes conquer. Where art inspires art we should pay attention. 

17. We love the edit in what is now a fairly old Adidas spot. The sound editing is as impressive as the visual editing here. Also, subtle juxtapositions of slightly different sounds all the way through make this something we’ve returned to again and again for inspiration.

16. Sport can inspire a lot of negative emotion. But one thing it does so well is inspire community. As a British company we’re not huge baseball fans, but you don’t need to be to see what Derek Jeter meant to NYC.

15. This one’s a familiar story of a kid saved by sport. It’s not the only one in this list. But it shows that you can tell a whole story without a single word spoken.

14. We often see the words “in the wake of #metoo” as though it’s something that’s passed. This Serena Williams commercial shows that it is merely one aspect. It is the breaking bow wave of a long building moment, in a battle that’s far from over. Serena Williams is one of the greatest tennis player of all time. And she’s tired of your sh*t.

13. Very few people get to play against their heroes. And very few sports have the career longevity that makes it possible. This spot about Rory McIlroy growing up is a lovely tribute to the idea that hard work can put you in the game with your idols.

12. As with Anthony Joshua the rags to riches story is a common one in sport. But Lebron James’ social activism shows him to be not just an extraordinary athlete, but an extraordinary human being.

11. Years from now science will advance to the point where we will discover that it is genetically impossible for Dwayne Johnson to be this awesome. He’s even got his own tequila brand. But until then we’ll have to assume he is a real person. This is less about humble beginnings and more about what true hard work can get you.

That's the first half of our top 20 sport videos

You’re halfway there folks. Hope you’re enjoying the list of top 20 sport videos.
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