The eti

The Brief

The Energy Technologies Institute provides a focus for the research into the future of energy in the UK and the systemic problems the various energy sources face. This research would encompass diverse subjects such as the Public Perceptions of Renewables and how to overcome these issues to the Energy System in the UK to Carbon Capture and Sequestration. The output of much of their work would be lengthy reports written in dense engineering language. Our work, alongside their marketing department, would be to turn the accompanying press release into an animated film that conveys the key messages to  an interested and educated lay audience without getting mired in complex language and issues.

Fun Fact: For the first five months of 2019 renewables (48%) have provided more power in the UK than fossil fuels (47%).

“Vermillion have become a valued supplier to the ETI Communications team. Their ability to turn around quality work, quickly and efficiently is a real asset. They have proved themselves able to take highly technical content and assist in making it accessible to a wider audience. They have a good mix of technical and creative skills and are able to understand and interpret complex scripts resulting in imaginative visuals consistent with our brand. Vermillion have become an important extension of our Communications team and we would happily recommend them.”

Sarah Shaw –  Senior Brand Manager, ETI

The Result

The first film we produced for ETI was essentially a rescue job after another production company let them down.  We produced a further 17 films animated films for ETI between June 2016 and Dec 2017 when the organisation, a public private partnership wound down at the end of its funding period.

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