Turn Up and Go Training Video

Turn Up and Go Video

The Brief

This Turn Up and Go educational training video was produced to train staff at MTR Elizabeth Line on the importance of TUAG. Prior to this protocol being put in place by train operating companies disabled passengers were advised to make arrangements in advance for special assistance. TUAG means that passengers should be able to simply arrive at their point of departure and receive whatever assistance is required throughout the journey.

Though a seamless experience is a reasonable expectation for any passenger the requirements for the staff to ensure it happens can be quite complex. It also relies on a number of steps taking place.

The training film produced explains to staff the requirements covering all scenarios to ensure that no pre-booking is required.

Animated video was the obvious choice for this film. Had we chosen to film this live-action the cost of actors would have made this cost prohibitive. As would the complexities of filming around stations. Our extensive experience in working with the rail industry as well as our animation experience meant that we were the perfect solution for this.


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