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Viral Brand Video Brief

To create a brand video that explains the brand positioning for brand Agency Orb. We need to use the word ‘brand’ in this case study a lot! Orb are a long standing client of ours. We’ve produced some of our favourite work for them that you’ll find further down the page. We’ve got a soft spot for brand videos. There’s detailed brand video case study here for startup Hipcamp. Orb also did the brand work for our favourite startup film that we created for Future Foundry. 

Orb had been working on their new brand positioning for a while but the release schedule had to be moved up significantly when a marketing stunt they did on LinkedIn went seriously viral.

After a brief on their new brand positioning we were tasked with creating a brand video that responded to that viral stunt and explained their new brand positioning.

They gave us about a week…

Brand video positioning

Orb’s new brand positioning is as simple as it is elegant. It’s all based around the word ‘better’. Performance marketing is a strategy that allows you to test and adjust what works, consistently improving and refining. It is the ‘marginal gains‘ mentality of elite sport. Better may seem simple, even obvious, but since this model of ‘big ideas, continuously improved, has been articulated, adopted and embraced within the agency it has catapulted Orb’s growth.

Based on a presentation from the Orb team about their brand positioning we pitched a brand video that articulated and embraced ‘Better’ within the video itself. Working closely with their creative team we developed a concept where the film itself became better over time. A little tongue-in-cheek and poking fun at agencies as a whole.

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“It was obvious that they paid close attention to detail – we all saw the love and care they poured into the video.”

Rob Bloxham – MD, Orb

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brand video Results

Trying to follow viral success with more viral success is very tricky and doing so under immense time pressure just adds to the challenge. The brand video has had well over 11,000 views with no additional paid marketing support but more importantly it has led to meetings and a tidal wave of positive sentiment from the market.

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